Attract Investors For Your Startup With These 8 Tips

Startups are trending these days and why shouldn’t they? It is the need of the hour to create more employment. Moreover is there any day better to have your own company rather than being dependent on others?

Have you too been thinking of starting your own start up, ready with a mind boggling new idea, stuck up just because of lack of capital?

If yes, then don’t stop worrying and start reading the article below because soon you will have investors lined up for your idea!

1)  Basically you need to sell your idea to the prospective buyer.  As correctly said by Christen Dominique, “people will believe you if you believe in yourself”. Don’t forget this while pitching your idea.

2) Be honest. People think that investors will buy their idea if they sugarcoat it. But the opposite is the true. You don’t need to include seductive statistics. Put the idea in front of them in an optimistic manner and that will surely do the trick.

3) Confidence is the key– But it comes with practice only. Make your pitches to small investors first so that you find out your flaws. Gradually move to bigger and more important investors.

4) Investors are listening to pitches day in and day out. It gets very monotonous. Communication skills have a huge role to play in this. To keep their attention drawn towards you, tells a story. Make your pitch interesting. Learn the art of storytelling! Don’t get too technical, don’t depend on jargon, and state your pitch without being condescending.

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5) Your idea should be unique and innovative, but at the same time it should be simple. You should be able to put through your idea.

6) Connectivity is very important. They shouldn’t feel that you are disinterested. You should be always there to pick up any phone calls from the investors. Emails should be promptly replied. They don’t like to be kept waiting.

7) To add cherry on top the cake, intoduce a philanthropic angle to your business idea because everyone likes to look charitable. Investors too are entrepreneurs and they love the idea of charity.  Be simple. Don’t rely on jargon

Adopt the above tricks to attract investors. But do keep in mind that  investors not only provide capital but also become resources for organizing, marketing and realizing ideas. Right investors can take the idea to great heights and bad investors can annihilate the whole idea in itself. The first skill amateur entrepreneurs need to learn is being able to attract the best investors for themselves because the ball is set rolling only after getting the capital.

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