How an Artistic Background Can Fuel an Extraordinary Financial Future


Now in this life time more than ever, having a background in art or having an art degree can lead to some of the most successful and exciting careers in the world. Newer technologies are developing day by day and they are becoming more and more prevalent in the society; newer and better jobs are emerging for all different types of art. Apart from traditional art degrees in the fine and visual arts numerous applied art degrees could lead to employment in the media and modern forms of art. One can take courses in graphic design, music, animation and a lot more can be found in traditional campuses or online.

In case you happen to have a particular passion that could be nurtured into a great career, majoring in art and obtaining some level of formal education is a very good way to begin. Depending on the medium, building your career will be more or less very challenging but if art is something you really love, going for an art degree could change your life for the better.

Ever heard the story of or, design-art orientated websites that sold high for 7 figures? It is a story worth sharing, searching, a truly inspiring one.

Different types of art

In general, there are two different types of art, which are media arts and fine arts. If you choose to take a degree in fine arts, you will be preparing your career in painting, sculpturing, filming, theatre, music as well as other visual and performing arts. Degrees that focus more on commercial aspects are considered media arts. These cover concentrations like graphic designs, animation, and interior design etcetera.

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An art degree could actually be earned in any level of education going from certificates to doctoral degrees. Most universities and colleges offer different art programmes online however, performing arts would not really translate well or easily in an online environment. Still, courses in theory and art history can easily be taken online. If you chose to take concentration arts, you can find almost all courses online.

Diploma and certificate programs in art

Since art covers a whole lot of things, you can find undergraduate certificates in different universities for art-related courses. You can do digital art, art history, graphic design, studio art and a lot more for certificates. This gets a lot better of paired with a bachelor degree or an associate.

Associate degree in art

If you are interested in art you have different options for a degree at the associate level. You can do traditional studio art or pursue an art degree in a media related niche. In general, an associate degree will cost take you two years full time study. If you decide to study online, you will require some on-campus component. Some of these may include fundamentals of painting, art history I, introduction to ceramics and fundamentals of 3D art.

Bachelor degree in art

This will be an excellent step if you aspire for a career in art history or art. With a bachelor degree, you will have an opportunity to further your education at the degree level. Some of the courses include drawing for design, art and new media, intermediate visual studies, integration of art and design and art history.

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What to do with a degree in art

Job prospects for people majoring in art are simply limitless. As long as you have a solid background in art, on the job training as well as experience, careers are wide open.

Stories labelled as “insane successes” can be found in all art mediums, from bloggers earning 7 figures online up to famous painters from all around the globe selling their artwork in galleries for 7-8 figures of success.

The key, as in all, is passion. One ought to be trully dedicated to a cause to achieve the extraordinary, surprise the world with beautiful and make a truly remarkable contribution.

Start small, be constant and build towards the better, become a better person with each passing day; from simple cool things to draw up to extraordinary sketches and doodles there are numerous, small simple steps, take them all and go beyond .Success ought to easily follows this simple, beautiful recipe.

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