Affordable Health Insurance Plans in 2019

An unforeseen event like an accident or surgery can change the way you live and spend for the next few months or even years. Hospital bills are very erratic and difficult to predict. Getting health insurance shelters you from stress and anxiety that may come from the anticipation or actual occurrence of such an unexpected event.

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Here is a list of affordable health insurance plans in 2019.

1. Supplemental health insurance

You have made an excellent choice by deciding to buy a health insurance policy that will cover all your medical expenses. But are you aware that there are other unexpected expenses that come along with a medical emergency? Conventional health insurance only covers certain medical procedures. But in case of an unknown or new disease, you will have to pay the doctor bills from your own pocket. Health insurance does not cover experimental medical procedures. In this situation, supplemental health insurance comes to the rescue.

2. Medicaid

Medicaid health insurance is provided by the United States government to people who may not have income high enough to take care of their medical expenses. Your income and the number of members in your family determine whether you are eligible for this insurance or not. You can pick your own primary healthcare provider(PCP) can seek their services at almost no cost. The number of services you will get depends on the health insurance plan you are subscribed to.

3. Catastrophic health insurance plan

Catastrophic health insurance plan is designed to provide emergency funding to people under 30 years of age. This may be the right plan for you if you are working on minimum wages and still want the peace of mind that health insurance plans have to offer. They cover your hospital expenses during an unexpected event such as a road accident or a serious injury occurred during work.

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4. Employer-sponsored health insurance plan

Some employers offer health insurance benefits as a bonus to their employees. This insurance is an add on to their monthly salary. In this case, your employer buys you health insurance and pays your monthly premiums as long as you are employed with them. Employer-sponsored health insurance plan has become a major factor that some employees judge the employer by. They prefer to work for companies that offer benefits like dental insurance etc.

5. MediShare health insurance plan

Medishare is a health care sharing ministry that is providing health insurance for the last three decades. It is limited to people subscribing to the Christian religion and is based in old cherished Christian values. Like the good old days, members of MediShare come together and help anyone who is in need.

6. Student health insurance

This last option is especially for college students who want to make sure they are healthy and safe while they are away from their homes. Furthermore, there are many Universities that have made it mandatory to have health insurance before you apply to for their courses. Make sure look at all the available health insurance options for students. Usually, students prefer to buy school-sponsored health insurance as they find it difficult to pay the premiums by themselves.


Life is very precious and you only get one chance at it. I have shared almost all types of health insurance that you can browse and choose from. Health insurance is not only for the elderly. Catastrophic and student health insurance plans are designed for young people.

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