8 Things that the West can learn from the Indian Way of Living

For hundreds of years, the west has considered India to be less developed and backward. While India might have taken more time to develop as a nation, we can’t help but notice the unique kind of lifestyle led by the people in India. From introducing the multiple uses of coconut oil to the world, to impressing the West with their extravagant style of clothing, Indians have always found a way to be different. Given below are eight things that the west can learn from the Indian way of living.

1. Living as one big happy family

As time progresses, families in the West are getting smaller and smaller. After the children move out of their home and into big cities, they tend to lose touch with their parents, who they probably only meet at Thanksgiving every year. In most Indian families, the grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins all stay together under one roof. Privacy is not a concern for them as everybody knows each other’s flaws and problems. The biggest problem of living together as a joint family is the lack of space. However, Indian families manage to make up for it by learning strong values like adjusting, sharing with one another and loving each other unconditionally.

2. The habit of saving

Another remarkable quality of Indians is their ability to save money. Whether it is for their son’s marriage or their daughter’s education, Indians compromise on luxuries today in the hope of saving money for a better tomorrow. Most Indian families don’t own a credit card, and they only take major loans for a car or a house. They don’t feel bad that they can’t spend the money that they earn. Instead, they take great pride in knowing how much they could save for a rainy day.

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3. Being highly tolerent

We must give credit to the Indians for their high level of tolerance. They can bear the noisy honking of the cars on the narrow lanes in India. They can tolerate their spouses irrespective of their flaws. Indians can even sit through an extremely boring movie just to cheer for their favorite actor.

4. Adding flavor to everything

It goes without saying that Indian food is undoubtedly the best. If you thought that a lemon and thyme grilled chicken breast is the best thing that you have eaten till date, you have missed out on a lot of interesting dishes that Indians prepare! From the perfectly shaped vada, to the piping hot butter chicken curry, to the delicious cup of filter coffee, Indian cuisine is packed with spice and flavor.

5. The grand weddings and festivals

Indian weddings range from three to five days and are celebrated with a lot of singing and dancing. Typically, more than two or three hundred people are invited for a wedding, and are treated to a wide array of dishes to choose from for lunch. India is the home to Hindus, Muslims, Christians and many other minority communities. Each caste has its own set of festivals that are celebrated annually. Festivals are a great time for people to wear new clothes, get together and feast on some scrumptious delicacies.

6. Respecting elders

A line from the Indian pledge states, “I shall respect my parents, teachers and all elders and treat everyone with courtesy”, and every Indian abides by it respectfully. Indians are expected to refer to all elders as “aunty” or “uncle”, even if they aren’t your real aunt or uncle! It is also necessary that the younger people touch the feet of the elders as a mark of respect. Such values make the Indians more humble and respectful.

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7. Making education their number-one priority

For every Indian parent, education is everything. All the money that the parents save is only for their children’s education. They want their children to become engineers or chartered accountants from the best colleges in the country. The level of education is rather high in India, so the students are brighter, sharper and more up to date than the rest of the world.

8. Recycling almost anything

Indians are experts in recycling and re-using old things in different ways. There was a time when India was still developing and far behind the rest of the world when it came to innovation and technology. However, instead of complaining, they found ways to come up with alternatives to make great things. Using things that are easily available around the house, Indians have the ability to convert any old thing and make it look brand new!

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