7 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

If you are new in making websites or blogs and you’re still looking for the best platform to build your website with, then you can stop searching now because you can use WordPress.

WordPress is a free and open source CMS (Content Management System) and is used by millions of web masters and bloggers all over the world. If you’re wondering why I recommend WordPress to you, you may continue reading below.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress on your Blog or Website

WordPress is Free

As mentioned on the first paragraph of this post, WordPress is free to be use by anyone. It’s under a General Public License (GPL), that is why it is available for everyone. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why it is being used by millions of people these days.

WordPress is User Friendly

Don’t hesitate to try WordPress out even if you don’ have enough knowledge about building a website or know how to write codes because WordPress is very easy to use. With just a few clicks you may create a post or page, change your header or background and you can even change the whole design of your website without touching any codes.

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wordpress dashboard

The WordPress’ Dashboard

WordPress has a lot of Themes

Do you want to have a unique and great-looking website? Of course you do, everyone does. With WordPress you can manipulate your site’s appearance easily. You can choose from a broad selection of free themes or you may also buy premium themes or create your own site’s theme with a framework.

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WordPress offers several Plugins

Another great thing about WordPress is that it gives you a broad selection of plugins that you may use to make your website better. There are plugins for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), sitemaps, your site’s security and a lot more. With different plugins that are available today, your site can only get better and better.

WordPress has Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is very important because it will help in luring readers into your website or blog. By just adding a plugin or two, your post or page can be optimized to rank better on search engines. You can even search-optimize your site’s images when you use WordPress.

WordPress can be Updated Easily

WordPress makes your life as a website developer or blogger easier and easier because with just a click you can keep your website/s up-to-date. Having an updated WordPress is good for your site’s security, to fix bugs and to be able to use new features made available for you.

WordPress has Great Support

Are you a beginner in making websites or you’re just having troubles with your site? With WordPress, you can just check the community forum or read the documentations that they made for their users to fix your site’s problem without too much hassle on your part.

WordPress is the only blogging platform that I would ever use because I believe it’s still the best of its kind today. If those reasons above aren’t enough to convince or encourage you to use WordPress in building your blog or website, then I won’t argue with you that’s your choice.

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