7 Content Marketing Strategies that are Currently in Trend

With the demand for content growing ever, due to increasing web based activities and technological advancement in the field of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, content marketing has taken up a new dimension to meet the growing expectations. The strategies employed by the marketers of content change accordingly. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram have become a place where user can get all the content at one place without switching to traditional media outlets for other contents.

Here are 7 content marketing strategies that are being followed nowadays, which can give every content provider an edge over others in the field.

  1. The growing use of virtual and augmented reality

VR and AR provide a whole new experience when it comes to visual content. This can be a well informed choice for marketers, providing content and hence leveraging the benefits of this technology through interactive visual content makes content more interesting for the audience.

  1. Artificial intelligence for better content

Artificial intelligence can be used to create content that is virtually indistinguishable from human developed text. Machine learning has not just made it possible but a sustainable solution too. AI instead of being a disruptive technology can be used in tandem with content writer as a dual value driver.

  1. Content optimization to serve multiple goals

Optimizing content to serve a wider audience and multiple goals is another popular strategy being employed by content marketers. Growing promotional content and sites, optimizing content, delivering maximum impact has become utmost important.

  1. Letting users to create content

Yet another powerful strategy being employed is to allow the users create content themselves. Providing them the platform to ask, write, answer and submit their responses helps in keeping the audience engaged and leads to better promotion.

  1. Social platforms

Social medial being one of the most powerful tool for businesses, their promotion and marketing related activities, has enormous amount of content being put on them. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Live video streaming are a part of almost every content marketing strategy being followed by various organizations.

  1. Content personalization

Personalization is giving a whole new dimension to how companies do their businesses. A personalized content is always more effective than “unpersonalized” content. With a right data driven approach and the right technology in place content personalization will gain traction.

  1. Marketing with a purpose

Purpose driven marketing of content is very much essential and an effective tool for serving   the purpose of businesses. You should be aware of why you are creating the content? For whom you are creating the content? And what effect it is going to have on the people reading or viewing it? Clarity on these things will always lead to a great content being made and effective marketing.

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