5 Ways to Boost Productivity in Your Office

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Ever since the Great Recession, the American productivity has been fading and the recovery has been rather shaky. You won’t find this hard to believe once you understand that most of the people aren’t emotionally engaged in their jobs. And, productivity is tied to engagement, and that is no surprise. But, just because this is the general consensus, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to grapple down and drown in the declining productivity too. This week, we bring to some ways in which you could raise the productivity of your team and organization. Read along:

(1) The very first thing that comes up is a healthy, active workspace for the people of your company. Ergonomics cannot completely be given off to the HR department, but it is something that all people of the organization come together to build. An active workspace includes an office where employees have comfortable chairs, don’t have to sit on their desks the whole day, and are not isolated to their cubicles the whole day. You could begin by introducing standing desks and foam mats.

(2) What do working people require the most to fuel their energy? Some coffee and snacks is the answer. And, cheeseburgers aren’t the option. You need to provide your employees with healthier options, fruits, juices, some granola bars maybe. Keep them healthy and energized, and watch how efficiently the work gets done.

(3) As a leader, it is your job to make sure that you enforce qualities and habits that you wish to see in your employees. It is important that you recognize their efforts every once in a while. Outstanding performers could be rewarded with promotions and bonuses or any other form o recognition, that they could be proud of. And, in cases where your employees have behaved in a selfish or inappropriate manner, you could do the reverse – punishments.

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(4) When you are hiring professionals to work for your organization, you need to go for people who motivate even others to work. It is a proven fact that employees who tend to sparkle brightly, have a highly motivated impact on others as well. So, it is important for you retain these employees and provide them with development opportunities.

(5) Remove anything dubious that is blocking your way to success – from an inefficient time-consuming process that is going on for years, to a confusing reporting structure. Keep it simple and remove the roadblocks.

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