5 Ways Business Technology Will Make You More Productive in 2021

Small and midsize businesses are aiming to leverage the full potential of business technology to scale their businesses in 2021. Last year was a stark reminder that businesses need to be one step ahead of disasters and have a productive and flexible work environment. The advancement of IT has led to a trend where businesses don’t just want to have an efficient system in place, they also want their employees to be more productive. A productive workforce leads to less friction and more client satisfaction. Here are 5 ways business technology can improve productivity for you and your team this year.

1. Connected Workforce

Companies having multiple offices in different locations can lead to a waste of time and resources.
Business technology helps to unify diverse teams within a company. With business technology, it’s easy
to manage a connected workforce and for a connected workforce, it’s easier to function in real-time.
The insights gathered from a well-connected workforce also helps in measuring and defining future

2. Communicating Better

Communication is a massive barrier for many managers and CEOs. With the boon of business technology, the communication gap can be reduced. Business technology serves real-time updates and keeps records of interactions. With platforms like Teams, Slack and Flock, companies can push information, schedule meetings, and track employee activities. From the perspective of employees, business technology options help them become more organized and goal oriented.

3. Creating Collaborative Space

The ability to collaborate with colleagues across the organization can increase the productivity level of an employee. Real-time note taking, easy file sharing, and tracking ideas are just a few things business technology improves during a brainstorming session. Platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Dropbox, and Google Drive help businesses foster a collaborative atmosphere.

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4. Streamline the Workflow

Companies of today prefer to stay focused on their core goals with the help of a lean and flexible model. Business technology streamlines and automates the workflow, letting employees focus on operations that matter the most. CRM tools like HubSpot, Zoho, project management tools like Asana and Trello, and time management tools like Calendly enable companies to simplify day-to-day tasks, maintain deadlines, and properly manage time in highly stressed situations.

5. Embrace the Virtual

2020 with its many curveballs accelerated the adoption of the virtual workplace. Many traditional companies focused on turning a portion of their business virtual, leading to reduced costs and better access to talents. AI and cloud hosting solutions can help businesses become more productive by creating an inclusive culture, on a personal level. And it’s not a secret anymore – a workforce that feels included and valued works at its productive best. 

Business technology is ushering in a new age of productivity and companies are quick to realize how virtual solutions can help them grow and stay flexible at the same time. Even if there’s no plan to go virtual, a company can always use new technology to make sure each and every component is in line with the vision and culture of the company.  

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