5 Reasons Why Selling Old Stuff is a Clever Idea



Old stuff refers to any physical material, be it a table, chair, fan, cricket bat, mixer and N number of such items which have been put to use for quite some time. Most of these items do not wear out. Over a period of time, their utility reduces.These can be identified as garage items.They need not be piled up any more in the garage, instead they can be given away at a reasonable price depending on items worth and reusability.

Why sell Old stuff?

  1. These days, parents, grandparents and relatives express their love and affection towards their wards buy getting them gifts like cradle, baby cots, toys, kids walker, kids bicycle etc. Toddlers have a separate room for themselves. All these brought for them loose their utility once the kid enters primary school. Storing them for the next generation is not a wise idea.So will be a child’s study table and the kids bunker bed.After all these products have also had a price tag at the time of purchase.Why not get back a little?
  2. These days, people frequently get relocated to other cities or even foreign countries due to better job opportunities, promotion or transfer. During such major relocations, it may not be feasible to shift all the items that have been purchased. Selling these products will help get some finances for new purchases. In case of two wheelers and four wheelers changing between states will require an NOC,repayment of vehicle tax etc.The best option here will be to dispose the vehicle at the state purchased and buy a new one.
  3. Over a period of time there is a general tendency among people to re do their home furnishings. They get bored of the existing furniture such as sofa sets, cots, TV and other cabinets at home.These items will not have been damaged but the desire for change will call for their disposal. Selling these items will aid in not only buying costly goods but also help manage space at home.
  4. In today’s world, technology is moving at a very fast pace.In mobile phones, manual buttons have been replaced by touch screen. Phones nowadays have two cameras, rear and the front camera, both of which are capable of taking photos like a pro. They also possess a finger print sensor. With all these cool features in a smart phone, you would always want to own one. You can do this by selling your old phone for a few bucks and get a smart phone by investing a few more bucks.
  5. As finances improve,the standard of living of a person increases. This prompts a person to purchase luxurious and high end products. A cheaper model car or television will be replaced by a more expensive and prestigious one.The lower end model cars if left unused will cause repair,battery failure etc. The old ones can best be sold.This will ensure parking space.
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