5 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch For in this Year

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The market predictors only have one message for all the big and small businesses out there – make mobile marketing an important part of your marketing strategy or you need to pack up your business and go home instead. They say that the number of people who use smartphones and tablets will shoot up exponentially, and businesses need to do everything to exploit this advantage.

To be honest, you’ll be surprised to know that mobile phones constitute a major proportion of the total minutes that people spend online – for example, people in the US spend about 70 percent of their total digitals minutes on their mobiles. Also, the average browsing hours spent on a smartphone each month is around 87 hours, which is very high as compared to just 34 hours on a laptop or computer. And, these numbers are only increasing each year.
Now that we have established that mobile marketing is THE thing this year, let us look at some of the trends 2018 will likely witness in this field. Read along:

(1) Progressive web apps will rule the mobile landscape, which are being considered very hot at the moment too.

(2) It was in 2016, that Google announced it will be indexing web pages based on how they open on the phones, rather than on the desktop. So, therefore to rank well on the Google Search, it is important for websites to create a good mobile presence and perform well, on the smartphones. This includes websites which are mobile friendly – you don’t have to scroll through the sides or zoom for usability, visuals appear properly (where they should, instead of being shifted someplace else), and web pages need t load quickly on the phone.

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(3) You may not realize, but it is very important for you webpage to load quickly, that involves much more than plan optimization. If a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, people tend to bounce and move on instead. Remember, with so many competitive options available, people won’t give your slow page a second glance.

(4) It is important to focus on personalized content instead of generic ones. Personalized texts or emails increase your conversion rates by a hooping 10 percent, while the clicks through rates rise to a 14 percent.

(5) Another important thing that will become major during this year is the concept of micro-moments – some tutorial or recipe that might concern the user, or some tip that might help them, all small things that may not constitute the bigger content but are becoming significant.

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