5 Cheap Date Ideas with better financial planning

Whether you are wealthy or not, dating does not have to be expensive. The entire purpose of a date is to get to know someone and make a connection. You do not have to splurge on a high end dinner in order to impress someone. All you need is time, creativity and a few great ideas. Here are wonderful cheap date ideas.

Picnic in the Park

A picnic in the park can be an exceptional date if done right. First, the weather has to be right. Plan your picnic on a day when the weather is nice. It doesn’t have to be a warm sunny day but comfortable temperatures without rain or snow is ideal. Aside from weather, put a lot of thought into the meal. A great meal that travels well is easy to make and requires very little money. Also don’t forget the blanket!

Food Truck Festival

Food trucks are gaining popularity nationwide. This food trend also makes a genius cheap date idea. Attending a food truck festival with that special someone is the ultimate combination. Not only can you enjoy gourmet food at a lower price but you can dine al fresco and earn a few extra points for planning a unique date.

Nature Hike

Going on a hike is not only free but it is a date atmosphere that promotes conversation and maybe even a little hand holding. You and your date can enjoy all that nature has to offer in addition to each other’s company.

Attend a Free Concert

If music is something that you and your date have in common, why not attend a free concert. So many amazing concerts are held in larger cities for free. They are great events that are fun and attract a lot of people. You can party all day and have the time of your life. The best part is, the only costs are food and drink.

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Day at the Beach

Spending a day at the beach with someone you are interested in is a great way to spend time together and have fun. The beach offers beautiful scenery, sun, sand and several free or low cost activities.

All in all, dates do not have to be expensive. They are all about spending time with that special someone and having fun. The cheap date ideas discussed are not only easy on the budget but they are great dates. Best part is, cost will be the last thing on your date’s mind. You certainly do not have to spend a lot to impress. You can even read about more ideas on frugal living and better personal finance planning here.

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