5 Apps That Help You Save on Prescriptions


The cost of healthcare is increasing year after year. And most people are unaware of the fact that drugs– like every other product– are being sold at different rates by different pharmacists in the same neighborhood. It’s time and energy consuming to visit or call every pharmacy and ask for the price. Especially, if your family member is ill and needs immediate medical help

Here are 5 apps that will help you to save on prescriptions.

1) ScriptSave WellRX

ScriptSave WellRX lets you save on prescriptions by proving more than 60 percent discount on certain drugs. More than 65,000 drug stores in America are partners to ScriptSave WellRX. So, you are likely to find at least a few results on a search for a particular drug. You can also get a discount by getting the QR code scanned by the drug store executive.

2) GoodRx

Another way to save on prescriptions is to use GoodRX app for Android or iPhone. Like ScriptSave WellRX, GoodRx also keeps tracks of the discounted products in over 60, 000 drug stores in the United States. You can get up 80 percent discount on certain products. On selection of a particular product, GoodRx provides a free coupon in the app that can be used at the specified drug store to claim the discount.

3) FamilyWize

FamilyWize is a bile app which can be shown at any pharmacy in the United States to get discount on specified products. They also provide a free discount card which can be printed out by connecting your phone to a printer.

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The main goal of FamilyWize is to help you save money on prescription medications. To achieve this, they negotiate with several drug stores over the nation and provide you a list of discounted medicines.

4) WeRx

WeRx is a mobile app for Android and iPhone that helps you reduce costs on prescription drugs. WeRx claims that the price of a particular medicine can vary by 16 times in different drug stores in the same neighborhood. It is more of a social awareness movement to help people find the best price of a particular medicine.

You can start contributing to this movement by calling your nearest pharmacy and asking them their price for a few popular drugs. You can enter the information in the app and help others looking for the same drugs.  

5) RxSaver

RxSaver is a mobile app by RetailMeNot that lets you add search for your desired medicine, compare prices and find the most affordable medicine available in your area.  The same drug that costs $22.89 can be bought for $9.61 from another drug store.

So, why waste your hard earned money on overpriced medicine. All FDA approved drugs have the same composition and quality. You are not taking any risk by opting for a low priced drug from the same manufacturer.


There is absolutely no risk in using the above mentions apps. They will only help you increase your monthly saving. Especially, if you or one of your loved one has a long term illness. Disease like diabetes, chronic pain, etc takes time to recover from and need you to consume medicines every day. So, why not save on prescriptions starting from today. 

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