4 Ways to Save Money on Parking Costs

Are you trying to save more money on parking costs? Parking costs begin to take their toll when you find yourself paying too much for the right spots.

Most of your difficulties can be resolved by knowing how to find the right parking spot. You can use technology or go the old school way, as long you are successfully finding good parking spots, you will not have to worry about paying extra.

Here are a few ways you can save money on parking costs.

1. Use a pay-for-parking mobile app

Pay for parking

The smartest way to save money on parking costs is to use apps like ParkMobile and ParkingPanda on your phone. ParkMobile has more than 3,000 locations across North America. Just download and install the app and get started.

With ParkMobile you can either find a good parking spot in the moment or reserve one for the future. If your desired city is not available on ParkMobile, you can also use ParkingPanda which is popular for parking spot reservation.

I like their website more than the app as it allows you to browse through several parking spots and book one(even before you begin your journey).

2. Use free parking

Free parking is essential when you need to park the vehicle for more than one day. Maybe you are visiting a new city for a business trip or your hotel does not have a parking facility. This is where your ability to find a free parking spot will save you hundreds of dollars.

Buildings, compounds, and private places are the best place to park your vehicle. Just request the owner of the property and convince them to let you park there for a few days. If the property is barren, the owner won’t mind.

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3. Fight your traffic ticket

Have you been caught speeding again? A speeding ticket can raise your insurance rates by $790 over the next 3 years.

Now there is a way you can fight for your ticket without having to go to the court. Apps like OffTheRecord connect you directly to an experienced and trustworthy lawyer who handles your case without you having to do any more work.

Next time you get a speeding ticket, just take a snapshot of the ticket and upload it to OffTheRecord. The app will ask a few questions and find you a lawyer within minutes.

4. Learn to parallel park

Parallel park

The ability to your car in between two cars parked at the side of the road come handy in times when finding a parking spot in cities like Chicago, Washington, or New York. Everyone knows tough it is to find a good parking space here.

With enough practice, you can learn how to slot your car perfectly in between two cars. Most people learn it in a driving school or while learning how to drive itself. But if you come from a small town, chances are, you never have to go through this process as parking is never an issue in there. This skill will save you both money and time.


The amount you will save–by applying the above-mentioned methods– depend on the state/city/town you stay in. Every state has its own parking rules and regulations. In general, big cities are trying to use every square inch of space and hence it is difficult to find a good spot and even if you find one, you have to pay a hefty fee to use it.

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