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Email marketing

Email marketing is a well known and used method by entrepreneurs and business executives for the purpose of marketing their product, services or brand. There are many small things that should be taken care of while writing an email that can actually affect your marketing strategy.

From the subject line to the precise time of sending the mail or the design, everything does matter and can have significant impact. The way you craft your Email for marketing purposes affects a lot, your chances of being able to reach to the audience. There are certain tips and suggestions that if used properly can help you be good at this particular thing. So, here are some of the expert Email marketing tips right from the marketing gurus-

1. It is not always a good idea to send a mass email by adding all the email ids in a single mail. To make the receiver feel unique and special you need to sometime change this notion and think the other way. You can email people individually and see if you can send the some buffer goodies, thank you notes, etc. Delight campaigns could be run and can be in the form of birthday greetings, anniversary wishes etc.

2. Choose the subject line that is really catchy and something that tempts the audience to click and open the mail at the very first look. The subject line should have a clear call to action that is capable of drawing the attention of the user. It should be short and precise as so many people normally use mails on the phones and that too in a hurry for most of the time.

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3. You need to understand that the subscribers of your mail are after all humans and they have the tendency to forget things. So you need to remind them of this thing timely by making sure that you frequency of mail is sufficient enough. Do not send too many mails everyday as it can be irritating for most of the people.

4. Always try to include postscript advises in your email. Along with catchy and precise subject line using post script at the end acts like a magnet for your viewers of mails to read it till the end. It almost becomes irresistible and is a great and successful way of attracting customers as they feel that PS is where something important and personal is waiting for them to go through.

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