The Rise of Sugar and Cavities

When you consume something sweet, the bacteria around your teeth feed on the sugar and create an acid that destroys your enamel.

This condition worsens when you fail to brush your teeth – on a regular basis – as the outer enamel erodes and gives birth to holes. These holes are what we refer to as cavities.

The rise of sugar and cavities has been attributed to:

Increased Sugar Intake

Consumption of sugar-laden foods and soft drinks is increasing as more people find these products delicious and appealing. The result: food companies continue to add sugar to their products because there is demand and they want to rack up more profits.

Sugar is added for various other reasons: it gives texture, color, and flavor to baked products; it can balance out the acidity of the food; it can be used as a bulking agent in ice cream; it can be used to preserve jellies and jams.

Untreated Decay

Some individuals experience tooth decay but fail to get their teeth checked, especially those who belong to a lower socio-economic class.

Those who live in poverty rarely see the need to go for dental checkups or hesitate to visit dentists because they believe it is costly. As a result, they are more prone to cavities.

Failure to Get Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is supposed to cover you from common dental issues and to assist you in offsetting any fees resulting from dental implant services. But some individuals fail to get this coverage for a number of reasons.

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With dental insurance, preventive care becomes a routine. Someone who is covered will comfortably go for regular cleanings and fluoride treatments and will reduce the possibility of a tooth problem.

Having dental insurance is safer because the cost of failing to do so could be more. Without dental coverage, you will not enjoy regular checkups, and you are likely to visit the dentist when your teeth need a complicated and expensive procedure.

Poor Oral Behavior

While people know how to take care of their teeth, this has not prevented some from being ignorant about dental care.

While it has been stated that you need to brush twice in a day, only a handful of people abide by this rule. Most people have maintained brushing once a day, or not brushing at all.

This is the same group that consumes large amounts of sugary foods and still fails to floss. What a pity?

High-Stress Levels

People have been forced to deal with an overwhelming amount of stress; either at work, home, or school. And it has taken its toll.

Among those who have reported higher levels of stress include women, younger generations, adults with disabilities, and LGBTs.

With increased stress, the body releases a hormone that increases your blood sugar. The high sugar can take a toll on your teeth and gums. When these sugars interact with the bacteria in your mouth, plaque will be formed, and you are likely to get a cavity.


The rise of sugar and cavities is concerning. It can only be prevented if we pay closer attention to our diet, stress levels, and tooth care.

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