5 Of The Best Credit Cards In The Philippines Today

Best Credit Cards In The Philippines That You Should Get

Having a credit card has a lot of advantages, although there are also some disadvantages of having one, but if you use your credit card properly, you can surely make the best out of your credit card/s.

For those wanting to have their first credit card, you may want to read this before submitting your application:

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Credit Card

Now, back to the topic, these following “best credit cards in the Philippines” are based on my opinion and it’s your own discretion if you’re going to get one or even two of them. I don’t advice people getting more than 2 credit cards because it may not be good to your finances.

List Of The Top 5 Best Credit Cards In The Philippines

      1. BDO Platinum MasterCard or Visa

        Principal Membership Fee: 4,500 pesos per year
        Interest Rate: 2.49% per month
        The largest bank in the country is the first credit card provider in this list of Philippine best credit cards with their BDO Platinum credit card. With BDO, you can choose between BDO Platinum MasterCard or BDO Platinum Visa. The only major difference between them is that with the Visa credit card, your supplementary card holder doesn’t have to pay any annual membership fee for life. BDO Platinum credit cards charges the lowest monthly interest rate for a credit card in the Philippines and BDO is known to offer great rewards to their clients with the help of SM. BDO and SM are both owned by one man, Mr. Henry Sy, so if you enjoy shopping at SM malls then this card gives you the ability to enjoy discounts that are exclusively for BDO credit card holders only.

      2. Metrobank M Free and M Lite

        Principal Membership Fee: FREE / 1,500 pesos per year
        Interest Rate: 2.50 % per month
        Metrobank gives you the option to choose from two of the best credit cards in the Philippines; M Free gets you the benefit of not paying for any annual membership fee for life and M Lite gives you the lowest interest rate in the market today with only 2.49 %. This Metrobank credit cards are best for frugal persons looking for the lowest credit card fees in the Philippines and Metrobank also give out some cool rewards from time to time.

      3. East West Platinum MasterCard

        Principal Membership Fee: FREE
        Interest Rate: 2.75 % per month
        Another Platinum credit card on this list is the East West Platinum MasterCard that also offers free membership fee for the principal card holder for life. This credit card also has only 2.75% monthly interest rate, which is considered one of the lowest interest rate in the Philippines. East West Bank also gives out some of the best rewards with the help of their awesome affiliates.

      4. Citibank Platinum Visa

        Principal Membership Fee: 5,000 pesos
        Interest Rate: 2.75 % per month
        Citibank’s Platinum Visa credit card offers a high credit limit that a card holder may enjoy and match that with a low monthly interest rate and you get one of the best credit cards in the Philippines. Citibank has thousands of affiliated establishments worldwide where you can use your Citibank Platinum Visa credit card and get great freebies and discounts.

      5. HSBC Platinum Visa

        Principal Membership Fee: 5,000 pesos
        Interest Rate: 2.75 % per month
        One of the best credit card provider in the country, HSBC, also has there own version of what Citibank have, called HSBC Platinum Visa with almost the same features. HSBC also gives out great and exciting discounts, privileges and surprises for their card holders in the Philippines with the “Red Hot Deals” promo of theirs.

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