10 Things you Can Get from a Credit Card

It’s no secret that credit cards have their advantages. Not only can a credit card transform the way in which you handle your finances, but it can offer you a whole host of additional benefits of which you might not yet be aware. Here, we look at ten things a credit card can do for you.

1. Ticket Priority

The benefits of a credit card are not limited to your financial life. Schemes like Amex Invite can make it easier for you to get hold of great tickets to the most exciting events going on near you. Click here for more information on these benefits.

2. Air Miles

Air miles are hugely important for anyone who travels even on a semi-regular basis. The financial benefits of having a credit card are all about your lifestyle. If travelling is a part of your life, you should be collecting air miles now.

3. Travel Insurance

Frequent travelers also stand to benefit from the great deals on travel insurance which often come with credit cards.

4. Increased Security

Credit cards today come with increased levels of security, such as an online fraud prevention service. Couple this with customer service around-the-clock and you’re sure to feel that your money is safe.

5. Online Banking

Whatever your financial situation, it always helps to have access to your account at all times. Credit cards can be managed online, making life easier for you.

6. Greater Flexibility

Credit cards are able to offer you financial freedom. By providing flexibility with your funds, they are able to put your mind at ease.

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7. A Strong Rating

Credit ratings are important for all of us. If you ever require a loan or mortgage, this is particularly true. A credit card can help you build a strong credit rating which will help you to achieve credit in the future.

8. Increased Stability

Credit cards make it a lot easier to improve your financial stability. Not only do they make management of your finances easier, but they can improve your future standing.

9. Cash Back

Shoppers will be pleased to hear that certain credit cards offer great levels of cash back on a wide range of purchases.

10. Accommodation

More good news for those on the go – credit cards could help you to secure accommodation in some of Canada’s finest hotels. This can be particularly helpful for businesses.

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