10 Brilliant Student Money Saving Tips

Students all over the world are different in one way or the other however there is one common issue that affects all students and that is lack of enough money due to their spending habits. In order to avert this issues student should look into the various different ways of managing their cash for custom writing essays. These are the 10 most brilliant money saving tips for students.
1. Travel Card Miracles
Travelling cost for students is the major cause of poverty however, the 16-25 Rail card however reduces this cost. Designed for full time students, the Rail card gives students a third off rail journeys all over UK. The Rail card can be bought for a year at £28 or for three years at £65. Getting this rail card helps in minimizing transportation cost hence improves students saving ability.


2. Legally watching TV for free
TV for students is key as it informs you on the current issues facing the world. The BBC license fee terms however, makes this impossible with its pay for TV as it is broadcasted terms. Students however can avoid spending on TV by connecting a purchased cable to their laptop to watch TV free.


3. Buy items in bulk and cook from scratch
Purchasing household goods in bulk is more money saving as compared to buying goods in smaller quantities. Purchasing smaller quantities requires one to use transportation cost every time they run out of goods. Cooking for oneself from scratch can be quite helpful as less money is spent on buying ready-made foods from food outlets that sometimes can be unhealthy.

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4. Ask for discounts
Walking with your NUS extra card can be quite useful however not all shops is on here and this is why students should ask for discounts as most shops usually do not publicize their offers.


5. Save while working
Saving and shopping are two unlikely terms that cannot happen concurrently however one can save while shopping if they happen to work at their favorite shopping store. This is made possible through staff discounts.


6. Buy a printer
Printing cost is probably the most ridiculous expense experienced by students. Buying a cost friendly printer at the beginning of the first semester for students can help in avoiding this expense and other expenses that come with it such as transportation cost.


7. Go for cheaper or free
Students tend to buy the most expensive of items due to peer pressure and this leads them to poverty. This trait that should be dropped and instead of shopping in expensive spots students should shop in thrift shops and charity shops that have over the years grown to be trendy. These shops provide great stuff at a way cheaper price.


8. Avoid content insurance
This is so because the contents away from home section of your parents’ household policy can be attained through extension at a small cost or it might already cover you.


9. Purchasing second hand books or online
Students instead of purchasing new books that cost too much should instead purchase already used books that are usually much cheaper. Reading online and using the schools library also helps to avert the cost of buying books hence more chances to save money.

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10. Avoid impulse buying
Often at times students buy items they had not planned for and are not quite necessary. For instance women in college have a tendency to influence each other in buying jewelry and other accessorize that were nit in their financial budget. Students should therefore maintain financial discipline and avoid impulse buying.

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