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Spending Money with the Future in Mind

By Mark Ross Canaoay / 10 months ago

People love to spend the money they make. It’s much like a reward for the hard working hours they spent making it: when they finally buy that pair of shoes, that bike or laptop, when they finally fund their Euro Palace account and go for the jackpot – whichever their heart’s desire would be. Why […]


Why You Should Recycle Ink Cartridges

By Disha / 11 months ago

You can help to save the planet In the UK, millions of ink and laser cartridges are used every year and most end up being discarded with household or office rubbish once they’re spent. Between 60% and 80% of the UK’s empty cartridges end up in a landfill site rather than a recycling plant. This […]


Travelling on Budget: How to Save Money on Vacations

By Disha / last year

Travelling is always adventurous and fun, what is a trip that has to be curbed because of money shortage? Why not plan for the vacation and enjoy it to the fullest? Here are some tips for you to keep in mind before you go off on a vacation. Trips with families can never be compromised. […]


Save Money by Shopping Online

By Disha / last year

One of the reasons that shopping online is becoming so popular is that it can be a lot cheaper than traditional methods of shopping. The downfalls of traditional methods of shopping is that you are at the mercy of the prices at the physical stores. You only have access to the bargains provided by that […]


Top Ways College Students Can Save Money

By Disha / last year

College life is always very expensive considering the many expenses that a student has to cover in order to be comfortable. Apart from boarding expenses, a student is also expected to pay for their tuition fees and other miscellaneous expenses that come with staying in college. Therefore, it is always important for students to spend […]


Dine Rich – Regret Free

By Disha / last year

We’ve all been there: in a booth that’s just clean enough to be acceptable, gaping at the total of your receipt as you reluctantly feel for the card in your wallet. It’s old news that dining out can take a harmful bite out of your budget, which is why we’ve provided a list of ways […]


10 Brilliant Student Money Saving Tips

By Mark Ross Canaoay / last year

Students all over the world are different in one way or the other however there is one common issue that affects all students and that is lack of enough money due to their spending habits. In order to avert this issues student should look into the various different ways of managing their cash for custom […]

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