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Protect Your Business from Cybercrimes

By Mark Ross Canaoay / a few months ago

The technology today is so advanced, it is beyond our imagination. The bad guys behind most of the cyber-crimes are geeky computer freaks, who can steal sensitive information about your businesses and small businesses often fall prey to these because of improper cyber protection. About 67% of the small businesses are forced to close down […]


How does Inflation Affect your Cost of Living

By Mark Ross Canaoay / a few months ago

The business section of the newspapers and the news channels are always concerned about the inflation rates, how it is rising, how it falling, how the central bank is taking steps to keep it under control, Wholesale Price Index or Consumer Price Index, but why should we be bothered about inflation at all? How does […]


How To Recognize a Bad Financial Advisor

By Mark Ross Canaoay / 6 months ago

With due respect to the increasing uncertainties of human lives, you may always want to preserve your assets in a  proper way. Estate planning is the process of managing your estate during your life span and even after your death such that there will be minimised income tax amount on it. Of course, estate is […]


The Importance of Equipment Testing for Small Businesses in the Modern Age

By Justin / 8 months ago

Modern businesses have it a lot easier these days thanks to advancements in technology. All businesses, regardless of which industry they operate, rely heavily upon some form of technology. Take your equipment for example. Modern business equipment is essential in the day to day running of your company, yet when was the last time you […]


3 Ways Working Capital Loans Can Help You Grow Your Business

By Shilpa / 9 months ago

Business owners use the term“working capital” to refer to their ability to meet typical expenses on a daily basis. In the technical sense, business analysts subtract current liabilities from assets to derive a company’s net working capital. This figure may be able to offer a picture of the company’s health, but it really doesn’t tell […]


Legal Risk Management For Your Business

By Disha / 9 months ago

Although legal risk management cannot be defined using just one umbrella explanation, on a fundamental level it refers to how you can take steps to identify and protect against events that could lead to a legal consequence. The implication of a legal consequence is that it would have a negative impact on a business. In […]


The Growth of Digital Marketing in the UK

By Disha / last year

When it comes to content, the internet is like a melting pot of words and phrases from all around the world. From English to French, Chinese to German, the online universe is awash with words from countries of all sizes. According to Internet World Stats, English is the most commonly used language on the internet […]

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