Online Shopping Site: Hallo Hallo Mall Review

Hallo Hallo Mall Review

Overview of Hallo Hallo Mall

Before telling you my Hallo Hallo Mall review, I want to give you first a little background about it. Hallo Hallo Mall is an online shopping site based here in the Philippines. As far as I know, it is the only online shopping site in the Philippines that gives points to its users which they can use to buy items.

I first found out Hallo Hallo Mall on Facebook and I was amazed by their promotional sales. They had two ongoing sales back then, the Time Sale and the Countdown Sale, but as of this day, only the Countdown Sale is still ongoing.

Countdown Sale works by decreasing the price of an item by one percent for every hour or day that passes, depending on that item’s value. High valued items’ price decreases by day while the low valued ones decrease in price by the hour. Items in the Countdown Sale are very limited, there is only one stock per type of item. And for you to really save money, you must know when to wait and when to buy.

My Hallo Hallo Mall Review Based On Personal Experiences

I discovered Hallo Hallo Mall last December 2012, and began acquiring points for at least a month or two. My first 2 purchases in Hallo Hallo Mall were all free, that’s right, I didn’t spend any cash on those 2 items (a stick-up bulb and a wallet). My next purchases and their prices are as follows: (Note: I really saved a lot of money in Hallo Hallo Mall)

  • 3rd Purchase (Small Triangle) = 30 centavos
  • 4th Purchase (Blender) = 41 pesos and 41 centavos (41.41)
  • 5th Purchase (O+ Mobile Phone) = 530 pesos and 23 centavos (530.23)
  • 6th Purchase (Stand Fan) = 592 pesos

Choosing and paying for those items where easy, you can choose any of these payment method when buying in Hallo Hallo Mall:

  • Credit Card
  • DragonPay (bank transfers & online banking)
  • Mobile Money Transfer
  • Cash On Delivery (Metro Manila only)

I always pay for items I bought through Cash on Delivery (COD), I feel that it’s the safest mode of payment that a customer can use because by choosing Cash on Delivery, you will know if an item will be delivered to you or not without paying for it first.

When you choose COD as your mode of payment, a Hallo Hallo Mall representative will first call you to confirm that you’re really serious in buying that item and you’re not fooling them. If you don’t respond to their calls, you’re order will not get approved for Cash on Delivery.

The good thing is that when you get approved for Cash on Delivery multiple times in the past, they will not longer call you and you’re order will be approved instantly (that’s what happened to me in my last 3 or 4 orders).

Waiting for your order to arrive at your home is usually the easiest task that you will need to do but when it comes to orders in Hallo Hallo Mall and some other online shopping sites, you’re patience will be tested.

In my experience, it can take 2 to 7 days or more for fully paid items, and 7 to 14 days or more for Cash on Delivery items. You’re really lucky when you get your order before 5 days, because the usual time of delivery ranges from 5 to 30 days. It is very unlike Zalora Philippines, in which an order can be deliver on the same day or at most 3 days.

Hallo Hallo Mall Review: Proofs of Purchase

blender from hallo hallo mall

Hallo Hallo Mall Review: 4th Purchase

cellphone from hallo hallo mall

Hallo Hallo Mall Review: 5th Purchase

stand fan from hallo hallo mall

Hallo Hallo Mall Review: 6th Purchase

quantium solutions of hallo hallo mall COD

Quantium Solutions deliver items for Cash on Delivery purchases


Conclusion of this Hallo Hallo Mall Review

Hallo Hallo Mall is legit, if you’re still having doubts, and it is actually a very good online shopping site. It gets a plus for being the only Philippine shopping site that gives points to its customers. The not so good thing about Hallo Hallo Mall that I experienced personally is their delivery time but others (e.g. website’s user-interface, promos, freebies, etc.) are all great.

Tips and Warnings when buying in Hallo Hallo Mall
  • Log in to your Hallo Hallo Mall account everyday to get more points
  • Respond to their representative’s calls quickly and be nice
  • There may be unresponsive sellers, so your order will be cancelled automatically and your used points and money will be returned to you as soon as possible
  • Research the item you want to buy before purchasing it, some items are overpriced
  • Play the Hallo Hallo Game, play it well and be smart (I already won the 512 pesos jackpot once)
  • Some of your acquired points will expire after a month, so use it wisely
  • If you’re going to need the item immediately, do not buy at Hallo Hallo Mall or on other online shopping sites. Just buy it offline, or in malls or department stores.
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  1. jessica santos says:

    Hi, I agree with you. Love this site too, go a lot of freebies my self πŸ™‚
    Actually I have a shop with them din. So far no problem..But my shops delivers products asap naman, so you can rely on the speed of my delivery! happy shopping everyone! πŸ™‚

    • Still okay when they ship to strictly LBC only? Sken kasi na-stress ako ng bongga sa kanila kakabook sa LBC. I need to call LBC n pra magpabook kadalasan puro bingi pa mkakausap mo. yung booking ko Aug. 16 pa online nung umpisa dumaan n si bagyong Maring at nkalabas n ng bansa e wla pa ding nagpi-pick -up. Hanggang sa nagdecide n me magsara ng shop ngayon.

  2. I got the corn kerneler after 7days (w/in Manila delivery, item came from Manila as well) and it doesn’t look like it’s brand new, it appears to be a second hand item that was placed in a crumpled box with lots of tape to make it appear like brande new. Oh well, maybe that’s how it was supposed to be since points was used to purchase the said item.. Don’t know if I should be happy or not..

  3. If you’re going to need the item immediately, do not buy at Hallo Hallo Mall or on other online shopping sites. Just buy it offline, or in malls or department stores.

    this the best tip of all πŸ™‚

    (I already won the 512 pesos jackpot once)

    swerte mo jan.. i was able to won 256 one time
    and my mom’s account has won 128 once aswell πŸ™‚

    meron nb nanalo ng 50k sa treasure chest?

    sana ibalik nila ung 90 days bago mag expire ang points hehehe

  4. hanggang 5 points lng ako ahahaha!

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