List Of Stock Brokers In The Philippines Today

Are you looking for licensed stock brokers in the Philippines?

…Then you came in the right place, below are different stock brokers in the Philippines that may assist you to start your dream of investing in stocks today.

List of Licensed and Registered Stock Brokers in the Philippines
  • A & A Securities Inc.
  • A.T. De Castro Securities Corporation
  • AAA Southeast Equities Inc.
  • AB Capital Securities Inc.
  • Abacus Securities Corporation
  • Accord Capital Equities Corporation
  • Active Earnings, Inc.
  • Alakor Securities Corporation
  • All Asia Securities Management Corporation
  • Alpha Securities Corporation
  • Angping & Associates Securities, Inc.
  • Ansaldo, Godinez & Company, Inc.
  • Apex Phils. Equities Corporation
  • Armstrong Securities, Inc.
  • Asia Pacific Capital Equities & Securities Corp.
  • Asiamerit Securities, Inc.
  • Asiasec Equities, Inc.
  • Astra Securities Corporation
  • ATC Securities, Inc.
  • ATR Kimeng Securities, Inc.
  • Aurora Securities, Inc.
  • B. H. Chua Securities Corporation
  • BA Securities, Inc.
  • Bdo Securities, Inc.
  • Belson Securities, Inc.
  • Benjamin Co Ca & Company, Inc.
  • Bernad Securities, Inc.
  • BNP Paribas Investment (Phils.), Inc.
  • BNP Paribas Peregrine Securities, Inc.
  • BPI Securities Corporation
  • Campos, Lanuza & Company, Inc.
  • CDIB Venture Investment (Asia) Limited
  • Century Securities Corporation
  • Christfund Securities (Phils.), Inc.
  • Citicorp Securities International (Rp), Inc.
  • Citiseconline.Com., Inc.
  • Citisecurities, Inc.
  • CLSA Philippines, Inc.
  • Coherco Securities, Inc.
  • Cualoping Securities Corporation
  • DA Market Securities, Inc.
  • David Go Securities Corporation
  • DBP-Daiwa Securities Smbc Philippines., Inc.
  • DBS Vickers Securities (Phils.), Inc.
  • Deutsche Regis Partners, Inc.
  • Diversified Securities, Inc.
  • DW Capital, Inc.
  • ETrade Securities Corporation
  • E. Chua Chiaco Securities, Inc.
  • Eagle Equities, Inc.
  • Eastern Securities Development Corp.
  • Eastwest Capital Corporation
  • EBC Securities Corporation
  • EIB Securities, Inc.
  • Equitiworld Securities, Inc.
  • Evergreen Stock Brokerage & Securities, Inc.
  • F. Yap Securities, Inc.
  • Feb Stock Brokers, Inc.
  • Fidelity Securities, Inc.
  • Filinvest Securities Company, Inc
  • First Integrated Capital Sec., Inc.
  • First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation
  • First Orient Securities, Inc.
  • Five Karats Property Holdings, Inc.
  • Fortune Securities, Inc.
  • Francisco Ortigas Securities, Inc.
  • G. D. Tan & Company, Inc.
  • G. K. Goh Securities (Phils.), Inc.
  • Globalinks Securities & Stocks, Inc.
  • Golden Tower Sec. & Holdings, Inc.
  • Goldstar Securities, Inc.
  • Grand Asia Secuirites, Inc.
  • Guild Securities, Inc.
  • Guoco Securities (Phils.), Inc.
  • H.E. Bennett Securities, Inc.
  • HDI Securities, Inc.
  • Highland Securities Phils., Inc.
  • HK Securities, Inc.
  • HSBC Securities(Philippines), Inc.
  • I. Ackerman & Company, Inc.
  • I. B. Gimenez Securities, Inc.
  • IGC Securities, Inc.
  • Imperial De Guzman, Abalos & Co., Inc.
  • Intra-Invest Securities, Inc.
  • Investors Securities, Inc.
  • J. M. Barcelon & Company, Inc.
  • J. P. Morgan Securities Philippines, Inc.
  • Jaka Securities Corporation
  • Jocrison Securities, Inc.
  • JSG Securities, Inc.
  • KGI Securities (Phils.), Inc.
  • King`S Power Securities, Inc.
  • Larrgo Securities Company, Inc.
  • Litonjua Securities, Inc.
  • Lopez, Locsin, Ledesma & Company, Inc.
  • Lucky Securities, Inc.
  • Luy`S Securities Company, Inc.
  • Macquarie Capital Securities (Philippines), Inc.
  • Magnum International Securities, Inc.
  • Mandarin Securities Corporation
  • Marian Securities, Inc.
  • MDR Securities, Inc.
  • Mercantile Securities Corp.
  • Meridian Securities, Inc.
  • Mount Peak Securities, Inc.
  • New World Securities, Inc.
  • Nieves Sanchez, Inc.
  • Nomura Securities Phils., Inc.
  • OCBC Securities Phils., Inc.
  • Optimum Securities Corporation
  • Orion-Squire Capital, Inc.
  • Pan Asia Securities Corporation
  • Papa Securities Corporation
  • Paragon Strategic Holdings, Inc.
  • PCCI Securities Brokers Corp.
  • PCIB Securities, Inc.
  • Pearlbank Securities, Inc.
  • Phil-Progress Securities Corp.
  • Phileoallied Securities (Philippines), Inc.
  • Philippine Equity Partners, Inc.
  • Philippine Ta Securities, Inc.
  • Pierce Interlink Securities, Inc.
  • Platinum Securities, Inc.
  • PNB Securities, Inc.
  • Premium Securities, Inc.
  • Public Securities Corporation
  • Quality Investment & Securities Corp.
  • R & L Investments, Inc.
  • R. Coyiuto Securities, Inc.
  • R. Nubla Securities, Inc.
  • R.S. Lim & Company, Inc.
  • Rashid Hussain Securities (Phils.), Inc.
  • RBS Asia Securities Inc.
  • RCBC Securities, Inc.
  • Regina Capital Development Corp.
  • Rtg & Company, Inc.
  • S.J. Roxas & Company, Inc.
  • Sapphire Securities, Inc.
  • Sarangani Securities, Inc.
  • SB Equities, Inc.
  • Securities 2000, Inc.
  • Securities Plus, Inc.
  • Securities Specialists, Inc.
  • SG Securities (Hongkong) Limited
  • Sincere Securities Corporation
  • Solar Securities, Inc.
  • Standard Securities Corporation
  • Strategic Equities Corporation
  • Summit Securities, Inc
  • Sun Hung Kai Securities (Phils.), Inc.
  • Supreme Stockbroker, Inc.
  • Tansengco & Company, Inc.
  • The First Resources Management & Securities Corporation
  • Topwin Securities, Inc.
  • Tower Securities, Inc.
  • Trans-Asia Securities, Inc.
  • Trendline Securities Corporation
  • Tri-State Securities, Inc.
  • Triton Securities Corporation
  • UBS Securities Philippines Inc.
  • UCPB Securities, Inc.
  • Unicapital Securities, Inc.
  • UOB-Kay Hian Securities (Philippines), Inc.
  • UPCC Securities Corporation
  • Value Quest Securities Corporation
  • Venture Securities, Inc.
  • Vicsal Securities & Stock Brokerage, Inc.
  • VSEC.Com Inc.
  • Wealth Securities, Inc.
  • Westlink Global Equities, Inc.
  • Wise Securities Phils., Inc.
  • Wong Securities Corporation
  • Worldsec International Sec. (Phils.) Inc.
  • Yao & Zialcita, Inc.
  • Yaptinchay Securities Corporation
  • Yu & Company, Inc.
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  1. Hi Mark! thank you for sharing your knowledge specially in starting to invest in the Phil stock market. Can you also give me an advise/tips as starter/ dreamer on how can I invest in the stock market. What possible things that I need to prepare in invest (like how much?what company?who to contact if I already choose a company?)

    Thank you in advance.


    • Hello Gerard,

      I’m glad you appreciated my work. Thanks. As for your questions:
      How much?
      I’ll say invest as much as you can. If you have an extra 10,000 pesos in your savings, then why not invest it. If you have more, then that’s better because you’ll have more money to invest and you can easily diversify your portfolio with it.
      What company?
      This is really your own choice. Just make sure that you do your research and you know some things about the company that you’re about to buy shares on. You could read my article about blue chip companies and maybe you could get some ideas from it.
      Who to contact?
      Your chosen stock broker, of course. They’re the ones doing all the transactions for you at the stock market, all you have to do is give them your instructions.

      I hope those answer your questions. Good luck!

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