Positive Thinking Can Affect Your Bank Account

Google describes positive thinking as “a mental attitude in which you expect good and favorable results. In other words, positive thinking is the process of creating thoughts that create and transform energy into reality. A positive mind waits for happiness, health, and a happy ending in any situation.” Regardless of one’s beliefs, one’s mindset whether positive or negative determines various situations in life.

positive thinking to increase bank balance

There is a popular internet collage which shows that an optimist observes a bowl filled with water to half as ‘half full’. A pessimist, on the other hand, observes it as ‘half empty’. The similar observation can be applied to the financial and banking sector. Whereas a man can observe his bank balance in his bank account as half full or half empty. This observation is very much related to the fact as to how much money does the man regards as satisfactory and with how much will he be happy. For example, if a poor farmer earns Rs 500 on a day, he will be very much happy and satisfied. However, this will probably be not the case for a rich businessman.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”

This statement could not be truer. Our mind and subconscious are full of thoughts. These thoughts manifest themselves through different actions in our life. So, the production of positive thoughts is of utmost importance in this regard. To build a positive outlook, one must be aware of his thoughts. One must listen to his inner voice while asking questions to himself. One must listen to the answer of the inner voice while asking questions like “Whether I can make a profit out of this year?” or “Whether I can be a millionaire any time soon?” One must also start to think positively. One must not stop at hurdles. Instead of thinking about how large this hurdle is, one must churn his thoughts. One must think how this hurdle or problem can be solved and then solve the problem.  Another way of maintaining positivity is to speak positively.

Why Positive Thinking? 

Figures from Step Change Debt Charity in the USA revealed that 60 percent adult females of this generation are so stressed about the money they’re suffering from depression and anxiety. A study from the newspaper Daily Express reveals that Hypnotherapist Ailsa Frank has helped countless clients, from impoverished graduates with no provision for pension, to increase their savings over the years. The motto of Alisa has been, “One needs to banish negative patterns of thinking.” Ailsa also says that she is not a financial expert but has knowledge due to her profession. She knows the importance of positive thinking when it comes to changing negative situations.

The way to completing any big task is to divide into a number of small steps. Similarly, the first step towards building a good, healthy bank balance is to have a positive mindset. After all, “In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision”, said the Dalai Lama.

The Importance of Equipment Testing for Small Businesses in the Modern Age

Modern businesses have it a lot easier these days thanks to advancements in technology. All businesses, regardless of which industry they operate, rely heavily upon some form of technology. Take your equipment for example. Modern business equipment is essential in the day to day running of your company, yet when was the last time you had it maintained?

If your equipment was to break down tomorrow, how much of an impact would it have on your operations? If you don’t even want to think about it, you’re going to want to start investing in equipment testing!

The benefits of equipment testing

While initially you might be worried about the cost of equipment testing, what you need to consider is the long-term cost savings.

If your equipment isn’t functioning as it should, it could be wasting a lot of energy. So, without realising it you could actually be paying far more than you should be. Not only this, but wasted energy is also bad for the environment. So, if you’re looking to be eco-friendlier, ensuring your energy consumption is as low as possible is a good idea.

Another thing that’s affected if your equipment isn’t running efficiently is productivity. Your equipment won’t run as quickly or as effectively as it could, affecting the quality of the products and services you provide.

Protecting both you and the customer

There are a lot of different types of equipment testing you could benefit from and it’s not just costs you’d need to worry about if your equipment broke down. In the case of computer equipment for example, it’s constantly at risk of a cyber-attack. Without regular testing, you’d have no idea if your systems are at risk of being hacked into. If you were exposed to a cyber-attack, your customer data could be lost or compromised. This would have a severe impact on your company’s reputation and finances!

DIY testing – Making it easy to continuously test equipment

You don’t have to pay someone to come and continuously test your equipment. To save money, why not invest in equipment testing devices from a reliable company such as MCS Test Equipment Ltd. You can even opt to hire testing equipment, or buy used equipment to save further costs.

As you can see, equipment testing can play a vital role for small businesses in the modern age. If you haven’t checked your equipment for a while, now is definitely the time to do so.

Keeping Your Money Safe Online


Spending money online has quickly replaced visiting shopping centres at the weekend and even going to the supermarket. With convenient options like Amazon Prime, shopping has never been easier.

The online gaming market has also vastly expanded in recent years, offering people the chance to play without leaving the house. But it’s not just convenience that’s a big factor in explaining why so many people play at Betway’s online casino as such sites attract players through offering specially encrypted software that enables a way to gamble safely and avoid any fraudulent activity.

However we can’t always leave it up to the internet sites to guarantee our internet safety and that’s why we’ve enclosed a few tips to help you recognize reputable sites and services.

  • Passwords and account numbers. Make these as complex as possible so people cannot figure them out. Most websites will encourage this. Always keep your account details private, especially for your online banking or accounts where you receive money and pay for things. Don’t store these on the notes on your mobile phone, or on a sticky note; just remember them.
  • Use websites with reputable and recognised payment methods; VISA and PayPal are good examples. Ebay uses PayPal to keep banking information private as it is an international website, giving users peace of mind. Betway is partnered with many safe payment methods, including Skrill and Maestro, making payment flexible and safe.
  • Avoid using public computers or devices for banking or shopping. These devices can save your details without your knowledge, and the next user may use your account. In the event that you have to use public computers, always make sure you log out and delete your login information.
  • Always ensure you have sufficient virus protection on your laptop or computer. If you are unlucky enough to get a virus, it could be one that copies bank details and allows the creator to access your accounts.
  • If you order an item online and it doesn’t arrive, make sure you complain. Companies legally have to provide you with the item you have paid for so don’t be afraid to contact them. Some companies are fraudsters and never intend to send anything to their customers who have already paid them. You can call your bank and ask them to stop payments too.
  • Be alert and aware. This involves not clicking links that claim you can ‘make easy money online’, or opening suspicious emails. It even includes not opening links in emails with an unfamiliar sender. You could fall victim to a scam or activate a virus if you’re not careful.
  • Adding passwords to your devices that you use to bank, is a great idea. If you lose your phone and it has no password, someone only has to crack one code to gain access to your banking app. If you can put a password on something, you always should. The option is there for a reason.
  • Don’t keep all of your money in the same place; if someone gains access to one bank account then they won’t have access to all of your cash. It’s a good idea to keep money in two or three different places so hackers can’t take it all, and you have a back-up if something does happen.

Essentials You Must Be Aware of When You Start Trading

The world of forex is an exciting place. However, it must be treated with caution before entering. If you’re inexperienced and undisciplined when you trade, instead of making huge sums of money, you could potentially lose even more. As such, before you begin trading, there are certain essentials that you must follow. Here, we’ve listed the top three to help you.

#1 Be Clear of Your Risk Tolerance Levels

Before you enter the markets, it’s important that you know that every single trade carries risk with it. Regardless of how much you’re trading and what asset you’re trading, you have the ability to both win and lose money on each and every trade.

So, with each and every trade, you have to assess the level of risk that you’re willing to take. In short, you have to be self-aware, and you have to ensure that you’re not risking any money that you cannot afford to lose. This links to point two…

#2 Set Clear, Attainable Goals

Although it’s clear that you’re entering the forex markets in order to make money, you have to be realistic about how much money you’re going to make. In spite of the numerous success stories you hear, very few people ‘get rich quick’.

Instead, it’s the sensible option to start small. Work out how much you’d like to earn in a year on average and then scale it down into months and weeks. That way, not only will your goals appear more achievable, but they’ll be simpler to track, too. You can always reassess if they’re looking unattainable.

#3 You Need a Broker that Works For You

Selecting the right broker is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when you start trading.

Before selecting a broker, you should do as much research as possible to work out whether they’re right for you. As well as being reputable, you should take a look at exactly what a broker can offer you and exactly what you need.

For example, if you spent limited times at home, you’re going to want to have mobile trading options. Plus, if you’re an inexperienced trader, you’re likely to want educational resources. Many brokers, such as Oanda, offer these services, so do your research. The cheapest option presented to you may not necessarily be the best.

If you follow these three steps before you enter the market, you’ll have no problems making your trading career a success.

Spending Money with the Future in Mind


People love to spend the money they make. It’s much like a reward for the hard working hours they spent making it: when they finally buy that pair of shoes, that bike or laptop, when they finally fund their Euro Palace account and go for the jackpot – whichever their heart’s desire would be.

Why the Euro Palace, you might ask? Why mention a place where you spend money non-stop when you try to make a point about conscious spending? Well, because the Euro Palace, unlike some similar games millions of people play, is a much better investment. Playing there doesn’t come with any guarantees, but it comes with a chance of becoming filthy rich in a very short time. The Euro Palace offers a wide range of progressive slot games, some of them with top prizes with a real potential to change lives. Besides, it can teach its players important lessons about money management – which is very important if you plan to adapt your spending habits to reality. And if you add the entertainment value, the investment is becoming even better.

The point I’m trying to make is that money can be spent in two ways. One of them focuses on simple things and everyday living. The other one is the smart way.

Spend for the future

Setting aside even a small amount each month can have a massive impact on your future. Spending all you make on everyday items won’t improve your life int he long run. Buying those pairs of shoes, jeans, laptops and bikes might feel great at the time – but all these items start losing their value the moment you take them out of the shop. No matter if you’ve never used the shoes – you can’t sell them for as much as you paid for them. Smartphones, the most desired gadgets of our time, suddenly become “obsolete” the moment the next model hits the market.

Whenever you prepare to spend, especially when it comes to major purchases, bear in mind the impact said purchase will have on your future. This way you can make the most of the money you earn – and save – and help yourself improve the quality of your life in the long run.

Consumer products depreciate in time

The majority of consumer products are not built to last forever. And this shows best when you take a look at their resale value.

Depending on the make and model, a new car loses about 10% of its monetary value the moment you leave the dealership. In the following years its value keeps decreasing, no matter how good care you take of it, ending up being worth under half of what you paid for it by year 5. Electronics lose value even faster. On one hand, there is the wear and tear caused by everyday use, on the other you find the constant rush to release a newer, faster and fancier generation – which instantly reduces the market value of “last year’s” flagship. But homes, toys, sports equipment, basically everything else keeps depreciating in time.

So what should I invest in to maintain value in the long run?

Gold and art sound like an obvious choice – but most of us have nowhere near the funds to do that. Instead, you can focus on possibly “intangible” things, like your health, or higher education – and maybe even experiences. Thinking of money rather than a tool instead of a goal can help you change your perspective about it and make a better long-term decision.

Tips to Fix Your Credit Score to Apply for Guaranteed Loans

credit score

You wanted to renovate the living room for the coming family reunion – you have no cash, however. Why not apply for guaranteed loans? Through the help of a second person, you can get approved, especially if that individual is someone with good credit standing. But should you always seek the support of other people for your own loan? Improve your credit score so you can apply on your own next time. Here are some tips:

Review your credit report for possible errors

You are sure that your credit score is low because you are not able to keep up with your monthly payments, leading you to inquire about guaranteed loans. However, you did not make an effort to do an actual check of your credit report thus you are not aware of the exact score. What if there are errors? Federal Trade Commission reported that an estimate of 5% of consumers have spotted inaccuracies on their credit reports.

If yours have one, it brought significant effect on your credit rating thus you will have the chance to increase your score. Visit FreeCreditReport.com as it offers free credit report from primary reporting agencies once a year. If indeed there are errors, have it corrected immediately.

Consolidate and then eliminate (or reduce) your credit card balances

One way to boost your credit rating is to consolidate then reduce your credit card debts. If you have three or more credit cards, pay off the balances of all of them except for one or two. Having debts on all your cards affect your score because your credit report is polluted with balances. However, do not close the other cards that you already have as these will also negatively affect your score.

In case you have no funds to do these, you can ask one of your family members or a friend to lend you the amount that you need. Yes, in reality, this method does not decrease the amount of money you owe, but it’s a trick to improve your credit score as the debt you borrow from your family or friend will not be reflected on the credit report. At the same time, the credit card balance is already gone thereby giving you a chance to have a better score.

Pay your bills on time

Now, it’s time to change your purchasing habits. Strictly monitor your purchases and make sure that you can pay them each month. Never default in your payment as this will ruin all your efforts. Buy only what you need – not what you want – until the time you are able to free yourself from debts. Keep track of the amount of money that you can spend each month; never go overboard.

Avoid maxing out the limit of your card

If you have two cards, use them alternately, but keep the balance of both below 30% of the credit limit as it can help you maintain or increase your rating. It’s not a good idea to use just one card and use over 30% of the limit.

3 Ways Working Capital Loans Can Help You Grow Your Business

business loan

Business owners use the term“working capital” to refer to their ability to meet typical expenses on a daily basis. In the technical sense, business analysts subtract current liabilities from assets to derive a company’s net working capital. This figure may be able to offer a picture of the company’s health, but it really doesn’t tell the whole story. For example, some companies may look great on paper, but they have limited opportunities to grow because they lack cash. Other businesses could have little working capital, but they have great potential for other reasons.

Situations like this happen because all of a company’s assets might not be in cash, so a businesscould look rich but still have trouble meeting payroll, running marketing campaigns or investing in other activities that can help them grow. In other cases, companies might possess valuable assets but have trouble coming up with the cash to handle an unexpected emergency. Startups might possess a great asset in their talent and entrepreneurial spirit, but they may not have big bank accounts. A working capital loan can help businesses manage their cash flow in order to sustain themselves and grow. See howyour business might be able to profit from this kind of loan below.

1. Take Advantage of a Chance to Grow Revenue

Most financial experts say the best use of business credit is to help companies grow their revenues. For example, you might own a busy, but tiny, cafe in a shopping center. You may have even noticed that some customers walk away when they don’t see any empty tables. If the business next store moves, you could have a chance to turn your tiny cafe into a bigger one. You could add more tables to increase revenue, but you’ll need cash to knock down walls, expand the kitchen, buy fixtures and hire more servers. A working capital loan gives you the ability to take advantage of new business opportunities.

2. Decrease Business Costs

Besides growing revenue, another way to increase profits is to decrease costs. If you manufacture products, you might get a chance to do so at a lower cost with more modern machines. You could also get an offer to purchase a larger order of supplies that comes with a bulk discount. If you can justify these purchases because they will help you lower your costs, you can justify taking out a working capital loan. Once you’ve used your loan to decrease costs, you should have more income to pay back the loan and experience additional profits in your business.

3. Weather Temporary Financial Difficulties

Most business owners agree that running a business is risky. While successful businesses do their best to manage these risks, sometimes the unexpected happens. If your business gets flooded or a critical machine breaks down, you’ll need money to repair damage or make payroll when your income gets interrupted. Enjoying access to a working capital loan can turn a difficult situation into a simple inconvenience. Without cash, this same difficulty might generate big losses or even cause you to lose your business. The sooner you can access the cash you need to open your doors again,the sooner you can put the temporary difficulties behind you.

Can a Working Capital Loan Help My Business Thrive?

Working capital loans provide a way to manage your cash flow without worrying about a shortage of cash. There are different kinds of working capital loans available to small businesses,so you can choose the kind that’s easier for your business to qualify for and the one that offers the best terms for repayment. You don’t need to have collateral to secure working capital loans, and typically, you don’t even need to tell the lender how you will spend the money. If you run a small business, are just starting a new business, or are simply suffering from a temporary shortage of cash, working capital loans can be a great solution for you.

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